artist's work

In her art, Lindy explores our interconnectedness with the natural world and our human story of separation. Her creative practice is intuitive and responsive and she draws inspiration directly from nature with immersive artmaking in the mountains, which are her muse. She weaves together a variety of mixed-media processes, collage, printmaking and painting.

View Lindy's latest solo exhibitions – Insync in 2020 and Unearth in 2018

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View Lindy Solomon's latest solo exhibition Insync, 2020.


View Lindy Solomon's solo exhibition Unearth, 2018.


Responses to Lindy's art

"Your work is deeply moving, evoking grief and love and joy... bringing me closer to something precious in myself and closer to this beautiful, broken, yet ever alive world of all our relations."


~ Tracy

"My art is my prayer."

- Marc Chagall